introducing Skuld, your personal technical debt assistant engineered to help you cut avoidable costs and beat your competitors to the finish line.

boost your

innovative capacity

feature development

extra TD work

modern software development encourages teams to come up with quick fixes for early user feedback

if not managed properly, this results, on average, in 33% extra work for the same outcome

the technical debt hazard

feature development

extra TD work

extra feature development

optimised Ratio

AI-powered technical debt management, finding the most critical issues for your team to resolve and consequentially:

  • save up to 90% in excess development costs by limiting unnecessary work  
  • gain up to 10X in revenue by delivering features faster than industry

Skuld's solution

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an interactive tool

- Victor Muntés Mulero, CEO AND FOUNDER
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It is essential for us to have tools that allow to monitor and control the debt. Most solutions provide some high level metrics that try to measure the amount of technical debt. However, these do not consider the real impact that each source of technical debt generates. To our knowledge, Skuld is planning to offer the first tool that aims at focusing on impact.


estimated global IT technical debt


approximate sum of competitor revenues


agile transformation services market with CAGR of 17.9%


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