Software design optimisation

Data-driven analysis to automatically generate customised proposals to help you restructure your code for increased productivity and versatility.

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Accelerate your engineering capacity.
We currently analyse Java projects, generate a report and automatically position refactoring proposals on Jira to help you re-design your software design for increased versatility and engineering productivity.

Relevant business metrics & analytics

Dashboard with metrics and analytics for both technical and business stakeholders

Increased accuracy

Retrospective and real-time issue targeting

Software re-modeling

More versatility, speed and time for building cool, new features

Recover architectural design compromises.
Development tasks are prioritised in line with your organisation's strategy. Technical debt management decisions are only ever made at a later stage. We help you make the right one.

We analyse poorly designed cycles.
These demonstrate how dependencies hamper your software development process by piling up unnecessary additional rework across classes.

Our multi-dimensional analysis allows us to identify root causes of the technical debt and its negative impact on the software development process.
Gathers and processes data regarding software design, developer activity and the overall team progress over time.

Revitalize your engineering process

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