besides meaning debt in Norwegian, Skuld appears in Norse mythology, where one of the three Norns (deities of fate) is called Skuld.

where each represent a different fate, Skuld is responsible for the future, and transforms the energy of conclusion into revival, giving herself up to the world of continuous creation.

bringing the two together, Skuld will determine the fate of your future debt and continuation of your business

your one-stop solution for technical debt.

about Skuld

We developed Skuld to help you breathe new life into your codebase.

by executing the most critical issues generated by our tool, you can spend a bit of time on technical debt resolution to fit more fun and value adding work inside your sprints

are you looking to reduce technical debt costs and be more productive? we are here for you to help implement sustainable coding practices!

"to do a good job, you need to find the technical debt with the most impact. that's not straightforward and takes a powerful tool like ours"
"unmanaged technical debt is a certain recipe for catastrophe"
"having some technical debt is acceptable, as long as you keep it to a certain level. we'll help you find that sweet spot."

Scientific Advisor

Antonio Martini

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Software Development

Josep Burgaya Pujols

CTO & Co-Founder

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Chief Executive Officer

Pieter Bas

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the Skuld team

we strive to make software development more fun,

productive and predictable.

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how did we get here?

the team started working together at CA Technologies, where, during their work, it became clear that software development teams, managers and executives needed a tool to help them manage technical debt

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the $19B acquisition by Broadcom meant the team would have to commercialize the idea independently

having learnt from globally dispersed industry experts motivated the team to continue refining and pursuing the idea, while leading to the conviction of the following key values for proper technical debt management

strive for impact

connected & secure

user-centric design & delivery

communicate transparently

keep it simple

minimize time/efforts wasted on technical debt

our technical debt values

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