A payment plan for all teams

The following price structure is applicable to our (soon-to-launch) SaaS and on-premise version. Current offerings limited to consulting services only. Pricing for consulting services customised to your needs and the value created to your team. Get in touch to find out more.

We will offer multiple options.
SaaS and on-premise software available at the following prices for teams of varying sizes and organisational needs.

Small Team

Up to 6 users
Up to 10 repositories
Limited-support (email & chat)
200K LOC
Operational Reports
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Medium Team

7-12 users
Up to 20 repositories
Priority-support (weekly meeting)
400K LOC
Operational reports
Faster analysis
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Large Team

13+ users
Unlimited repositories
Priority-support (weekly meeting)
600K+ LOC
Operational reports
Fastest analysis
Manager training
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Support included

Depending on your payment plan, support will be included. In case of more support being needed, please contact us and we will arrange it for you.

Pricing customised to organisational needs.

We will find the right fit for you based on your team size, project size and need for extra offings.

Operational reports

If requested, additional organisational reports can be made.

Training available upon request

Currently we offer training for large teams only. Contact us for additional training if required.

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