We embody modern software development practices.

Taking care of your code is essential, but not trivial. We want to help you take on this challenge.

We combine the most promising outcomes from advances made in years of technical debt research to deliver you the best solutions for your software.
Our multi-dimensional technical debt analysis uses a combination behavioural, static code and architectural elements. This results in a higher degree of accuracy and impact.

We go beyond the expected.
Our technology enables us to dig deep into the issues that inevitably arise over the course of software's development. We will do our utmost to help you understand this and create a plan of action. For that reason we stand by the following.


Approach problems from the customer's perspective.

Prioritise customer needs and tailor solutions to optimise the outcome.


Work diligently.

Hypothesize, test and repeat.



We embody effective cross-functional performance, with dynamic solutions to help teams adapt to swiftly changing demands.

Meet the team behind Skuld.
Our motivation originates from the discovery and development of groundbreaking technical debt resolution methods. This is only the beginning.

Antonio Martini

Scientific advisor

Josep Burgaya Pujols

CTO, Co-founder

Pieter Bas

CEO, Co-founder

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