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We deliver in-depth reports with insights into your software design to complement automated proposals positioned on your team's Jira.

Productivity loss to be solved by refactoring proposal.

Our productivity loss metric is one that signifies the overall negative impact that a cyclic dependency is having. This negative impact is characterised as the total amount of extra work that the specific cycle has, relative to the rest of the work done in the project.


“We are highly interested in testing and using this tool as a mechanism to understand architectural technical debt in a deeper way and to be able to focus only on the debt that has the potential to generate a negative impact.”
Victor Muntes Molero
Founder & CEO of Beawre

Project dashboard.
Actionable and relevant metrics.

Comprehensible to all stakeholders, signifying what impact the technical debt resolution is having on all aspects of the development process.

Move automated refactoring proposals to an active sprint.
Include proposals in daily development activities.

The true value of maintenance becomes apparent once the extra work resulting from poor design starts to diminish. Focus on cleaning up the code to simplify and accelerate process of innovative, value creating activities such as feature development.

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